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Useful facts, information and hints and tips about life in Botswana.


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Read about our services, how we assist with all Botswana permits and visas as well as relocation issues.

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Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges.

Travel Visas

Learn here about obtaining your travel visa for Botswana, special passes and the entry requirements.

Work Visa Botswana | Permits and Visas | Immigration

Are you seeking a work visa or permit for Botswana? Maybe you are looking to set up a business, invest into Botswana or even make it your permanent home by means of immigration.

Intergate Immigration is one of Africa’s premier permit, visa and immigration consultants. We are based in South Africa with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg but with representatives all over Africa, including Botswana.

Work Visa, Permits and immigration advice for Botswana

Work visa for Botswana, all permits and immigration advice from Intergate Immigration

We are able to assist you with a work visa for Botswana and investment and business permits as well as other immigration and relocation services.

Established in 2006, we boast an enviable track record of success and have provided visa, permit and immigration solutions to in excess of 6000 individuals and hundreds of corporate clients.

We welcome your enquiry concerning our visa, permit and immigration services to Botswana and look forward to assisting you with any applications and advice you may require.

About Botswana

If you are considering a work permit, visa or immigration to Botswana it always useful to know a little about the country. You can view our information page here for more details but some highlights for the prospective work visa holder are:

  • In a normally over-populated world welcome to a country that devotes 38% of its land mass to national parks. Botswana is renowned for displaying some of the best nature reserves and wildlife in Africa.
  • The population is reported at 1.95 million and the official language is English.
  • Its much admired economy has been transformed, seeing Botswana rise from being one of the poorest countries in the world to a middle-income country with a per capita GDP of $16,800 in 2012. Two major investment services rank Botswana as the best credit risk in Africa.
  • Botswana is the leader in Africa’s stable democracies. Peaceful elections have taken place since 1966 and the 4th president is now in power. Like all his predecessors the transition was peaceful and democratic.  It is for sure one of Africa’s best examples of peace, law and order.

Types of Permits and visas for Botswana

Below we detail not just work visa for Botswana but also the other permit and visa options. Feel free to explore them for more details:

  • Work Permit for Botswana; if you wish to learn more see here;
  • To find out about Business permits and investing in Botswana;
  • Where you are married to a citzien of Botswana see here for Spousal Permits;
  • Student Visas for those who wish to study in Botswana;
  • Travel Visa for all who wish to visit Botswana who do not enjoy exempt status.

Our work visa, permit and immigration services

If you would like to know more about your immigration options, whether you qualify for a work visa Botswana or another type of permit or visa please select from below your preferred method of communication. You can be assured of  a quick and expert response.

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